Character is defined by challenge and how you respond.

Well, well, well, oh my goodness - I've finally done it! What? - you may well ask! -

With no previous knowledge, completely self taught, I've actually created and published my first very own website, I've added photos of my art work, suitably watermarked, I've designed every page individually, written text on each page, designed brochures. added buttons, links, etc., (sweated hard in concentration and effort) and now its LIVE!.. whoooppeeeee! .

Yes, I know- very childish - but I'm thrilled at what I have achieved - starting from no knowledge at all to producing a beautiful website filled with colour, vitality and all my own work.

Rest assured that I will now try and curb my enthusiasm as I progress and become more professional :) - or not - probably.

The photo posted here is one I took earlier this year - I am always on the look out for amazing cloud effects and thought this one was quite stunning.

You will note from my paintings that I like to have vast expanses of sky in them ! I love the sense of endless space and the light effects one can see in different types of weather- especially after storms. I often walk around the cliffs gazing up at the clouds - people seem surprised when I get them to look up. They often say " oh my, I've never seen that before" ......

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