My Bear Family.

It all started before my first visit to Kenya in 2010. I wanted to take something with me for the children we were helping who were orphaned and had no possessions of their own. My friend had made sweaters for them so I felt I wanted to do something as well.

I knitted the first bears really small (about 4" high) so they could be hand held. The children were very excited  with their bears so I was glad I'd made the effort.

I took almost 200 bears with me on that first trip - all vacuum packed into my suitcase- but they survived the flight!  They looked great when I refreshed and revived them :)

I have since knitted a whole lot more and many have already gone to a 'good home'        :))))


All of these bears are knitted by hand  - they range in size from 4" to 18" - as I progressed I have experimented with shape & design as well.

I use a variety of yarns when making them - some very plain and flat, for others I use 'eye lash yarn' which creates an amazing effect, quite unlike a knitted bear at all ! Sometimes I mix several yarns together to create more structure. They are filled using hobby craft hypo allergenic fleece and the features are sewn on in wool. There are no parts that can become loose.

They definitely seem to take on a unique personailty as soon as I complete the facial features     :)  quite unnerving really !

I even had my camera note  there was a 'blink' problem when I photographed them - very strange indeed !